Sunday, April 1, 2012

Data processig Cycles

Data processing cyles.
Data processibg cycle consist of the following steps:
i)                    Acquisition refers to collection of data from the available sources or forms.
ii)                   Input r entering the data into the system.
iii)                 Verification and validation ensuring that the data is correct and lies within the acceptable levels.
iv)                 Processing transforming the data by value addition.
v)                  Storage storing the information to avoid repetitive work.
vi)                 Retrieval  accessing the information when required.
vii)               Output displaying or printing the information.
viii)              Communication transmitting  or printing the information
ix)                 Disposal deleting, disposing or archiving(backup)
These steps have been categorized into three; (i)to(iii)b are referred to as input while (vi) to (ix) are referred to as output. 


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