Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to Recover a lost Memory Card Password/ Bypass a MicroSD Card Password

This is how to unlock  lost password memory card. This a simple 5-Step tutorial to guide for you  in recovering lost memory card password
1.      Insert the memory card into a card reader on your computer. Right-click your Start button and then click Explore. The memory card it will be listed as a ‘Removable disk’.
2.      Click on the Memory card and you see files and folders listed. One of the files is named  MMCSTORE.  Copy this file and paste it on the desktop.
3.      Right-Click on the MMCSTORE file on the desktop, then click Open With, choose to open with a notepad.
4.      Read the text contained, which is the password, displayed as a plain text.

5.       Remove the card from the PC and insert it into your device, either mobile phone, PDA etc. Turn on the device, when it asks for password enter the recovered password.

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